3 Causes Of Foul Smell From Your Septic Tank And When To Seek Emergency Septic Tank Services


Considering the type of waste your septic tank holds, you would expect it to produce a pungent odor. But the way this sewer disposal tank is designed, there should be no room for the smells to get past the main chamber lid. That's why you need to be concerned if your tank produces a foul smell that gets into your house and seeks emergency septic services immediately. So, what might be causing the foul smell in your house? Let's find out.

1. Overflowing Tank

The sewer disposal system consists of a tank and a nearby leach field. The system works by holding wastewater long enough to allow the solids to disintegrate and settle down and the liquid to drain in the field. But for this process to work, the sewer disposal tank relies on bacteria to manage the solid wastes. If the bacteria levels are low, they will not break down the waste as usual. As a result, the tank will fill up faster than usual and eventually overflow into your floor drain. That will cause sewer backup followed by a strong, pungent smell that requires immediate septic services.

2. Blocked Vent

As your waste breaks down in the tank, methane, and carbon dioxide are produced. These gases are then dispersed through the vent. This process helps to limit the possibility of toxic gas buildup in your tank. Unfortunately, there are times when frost, solid materials, or animals can block the vent. When this happens, the gasses will be trapped, which could lead to them passing back through the drain into your house. That will result in a foul smell getting into your house. And since you may not know the cause of the problem, it is best to seek septic services urgently.

3. Drain Line Damage

After taking a shower or flushing the toilet, you expect the water to flow through the drain line into the tank without complications. That is usually the case if you only flush the few select things that are obviously supposed to be flushed. Otherwise, flushing other items like wipes or hygiene products might block the sewer line making it difficult for the wastewater to pass. In addition, other issues like rust buildup in the pipes or damage to the pipes by tree roots could also make it challenging for the wastewater to pass through. Consequently, the waste will remain in the pipes and start backing up, resulting in foul smells.

Unless you have the skills to inspect and maintain a septic tank, it might be difficult to determine the issue, making it smell. A professional septic tank pumping service such as Queen's Septic Tank Service can examine the sewer disposal tank to determine the cause of the smell and the best way to solve the problem.


2 February 2023

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

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