When Should You Seek Emergency Septic System Services?


Septic tank pumping entails removing the liquid, solids, and sludge from a septic tank using a high-pressure nozzle and pump. In instances where the sludge is dense, water is added to dissolve it. Residential septic tank pumping is not often most people's priority as it is primarily emptied every three to five years unless needed. Regular residential septic tank pumping is essential; it protects your property from the flow of untreated wastewater, enhances your home's draining system, and protects your water system from contamination. This process is a cost-effective investment, i.e. it reduces maintenance costs in the long run and increases your property's value.

Signs you need emergency septic services

Despite frequent residential septic system pumping, complications may still occur; this often happens when you least expect it. There are warning signs that will alert you when your septic system requires immediate attention. Here's an outline of these signs.

Slow drainage and foul smell

 Your sinks, tabs, or toilets taking long to drain water is often the first indicator that your septic tank system has a problem. Partial clogs in the pipes often cause this problem. While clogs may result from a storm, frequent ones indicate that your septic tank is full. You may also notice an unpleasant smell in your house or compound. It occurs when the gas in your septic system has nowhere to go and ends up sipping into your home through the pipes and your compound through the field. Inhaling this gas pauses a risk to your health. It is, therefore, prudent to contact emergency septic service providers when you notice these signs.

High nitrate water concentration

It is essential to have a professional test your water regularly, mainly if you rely on groundwater. These tests will help you preserve your health and your family's. When your water has a high nitrate concentration, it indicates that your septic tank system is leaking and seeping into your water source. 

Water stagnation in the drainage field

When your yard starts flooding, mainly above the septic tank and around the drainage field, it often indicates the tank is overflowing. The grass in this area tends to be greener than the rest of your yard. At times, flooding occurs when a pipe is damaged. This damage often occurs when the pipe is crushed by a vehicle, an animal, or large plant roots. 

Sewage backup 

The most intense sign that your septic tank has a problem is when the sewage starts backing into your house, for instance, seeing a black liquid with a foul odor in your sink or toilet or coming out of your shower drainage. A sewage backup primarily results from a poorly maintained septic tank system and ignoring the above-mentioned signs. 


Emergency septic system services allow you to protect your family's health, reduce maintenance expenses, and increase your property's value. Contact a local service such as Good Shepherd Septic Service  to learn more about them and receive appropriate services. 


8 November 2022

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

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