Keeping Your Drains And Septic System Performing At Their Best


The drain system in your home carries wastewater and solids out of the home and to the sewer or septic system for proper disposal. Plumbing maintenance is essential to keeping the system working correctly, and there are a few things you can do to ensure the system performs at its best.

Maintaining Drains

The drains in your home should be covered with screens to keep things out that don't belong in them. Often hair and other items end up in the drains, and over time, they can cause a blockage that is hard to remove without professional tools that can reach into the plumbing and break up the blockage. 

If your drains start to run slow, it is best to call a plumbing maintenance service and have them inspect the drain and clean it out without using chemicals in the system. Drain cleaners and other chemicals can do more harm than good, and if you have a septic system on the property, the cleaner can kill the bacteria in the septic tank that is working to break down the waste.

Most plumbing maintenance companies have snakes or augers that they can insert into the system to remove clogs and clean out the pipes manually. Using this method allows the material to flow out to the septic tank and break up naturally. 

HydroJet Cleaning

Many plumbing maintenance services offer hydrojetting services to remove blockages and clean the inside of the pipes thoroughly. The system uses high-pressure water and a hose inserted at the cleanout for the plumbing system, then carefully advanced up into the drain line. 

The water pressure strips any foreign material off the walls of the pipes and allows it to run down the drain. Having the plumbing system cleaned every few years will help reduce the chance of blockages by keeping the inside of the pipes free of debris for other material to catch on.

Once the system is clean, you may find that the water drains out of tubs, sinks, and toilets faster and more efficiently than it previously did, and the system will work better.

Tank Pumping

If your home has a septic system on the property, it is essential to monitor the level of material in the tank and have a tank pumping service come and clean it out before it is so full that it runs over. The plumbing maintenance service you are using can check the tank for you and check the condition of the baffles inside to ensure the tank is working correctly. 

If there is a problem with the system, they will let you know and may recommend having the tank drained, cleaned, and inspected by a qualified septic system inspector to verify the condition of the tank. Look into plumbing maintenance near you.


29 April 2022

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

Hi there, I am Wes Nelson. When I lived in my first home, I discovered the plumbing connected directly to a septic system on the land. The septic system consisted of a tank, lines and leach field that processed the waste. I had to quickly learn how the septic system worked to keep it in good shape. I had to pay close attention to the substances I sent down the drains or flushed down the toilet. I did not want to disrupt the colonies of bacteria hard at work processing the waste products. On this site, I would like to help others keep their septic system in good working order by sharing the information I discovered. Please visit again soon.