Top Things You Should Know About A Pre-Purchase Septic Inspection


If you are planning on purchasing a home sometime soon, you might be planning on having a pre-purchase septic inspection done. These are some of the main things that you should know about these inspections.

You May Be Required to Have It Done

It is a good idea to have a pre-purchase septic inspection done anytime that you purchase a home that has a septic system. After all, you don't want to find out that there are septic problems after you have already purchased the home. However, it isn't just a good idea to have a pre-purchase septic inspection done, but it's actually sometimes required by state or local governments. You should find out about these laws and requirements before purchasing a home so you can ensure that you are compliant with them.

It Should Be Done By the Right Person

Next, you should make sure that your pre-purchase septic inspection is done by the right person. Choose a septic inspection company that has a good reputation, that offers fair and reasonable pricing, and that seems to have experienced and knowledgeable professionals representing them.

The Septic Tank Should Be Pumped

Typically, it is a good idea to have a septic tank pumped when having your pre-purchase septic inspection done. This is even required in some areas. This will allow you to get started with your new home without having to worry about having the septic tank pumped for a while, and it can make it easier for a thorough inspection to be done, too.

A Thorough Inspection Should Be Done

When the septic inspection is done, it is important for the professionals who are doing the job to perform a thorough inspection. Not only should they check to ensure that the septic tank itself is in good condition and that it's the right size for the home, but they should also make sure that the septic lines, drainfield, and other parts of the septic system are all in good shape.

You Should Keep All of the Related Paperwork

You might be required by your state or local government to turn in paperwork that proves that you have had a septic inspection done. Your lender might also require you to turn in this paperwork, plus you might want to have it on hand for your own records. Therefore, you should make sure that you make copies of the related paperwork and file everything away so that you can find it with ease.

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21 July 2020

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

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