What To Expect During Your Septic Tank Installation


Septic tanks are usually already installed when you buy a home. They are likely listed on your home inspection before you buy the home as well. What you may not know about your septic tank is its age and how well it was maintained. If it was poorly maintained or has been left for several years without use, you may find the tank needs to be replaced. If this is the case, you should know what to expect during a septic system installation. Here are those steps. 

Percolation Testing 

Percolation testing is vital to the installation of a new septic tank. This test will look at the drainage and soil around the current tank or the spot where the new tank will be placed. This test will allow the contractor to determine if the soil can handle the drainage it will have to endure with a septic system. If the soil and the proposed drainage area pass the test, the installation can move forward. 

Choosing the System

You may be surprised to know there are several types of septic tank systems available for a new installation. Many of the choices depend on your family size as well as the land size you have available or a drainage field. For example, a conventional system is ideal for residential homes. However, you may want a more eco-friendly design. These eco-friendly options are ideal for unique homes such as off-grid homes and other situations. You can discuss your situation with your septic contractor to determine the system they feel is ideal for you. 

Tank Material

Once you have completed the percolation test and chosen the type of system you want, you will decide on the tank material. This is one of the last steps before the actual installation begins. The tan material can vary depending on your location and your property situation. The traditional material used for tanks is concrete. However, you may want to go with a plastic or fiberglass. The material will affect the durability and how long it will be before you need a possible replacement. 

The first step to any new septic tank installation is having the current tank inspected. This inspection should be recent. The inspection will show you the damages and how an installation of a new tank or larger tank may be beneficial to your property. When you decide to have the installation take place, let your septic tank professional contractor know. They will schedule a time and day to being the installation process. 


28 March 2023

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

Hi there, I am Wes Nelson. When I lived in my first home, I discovered the plumbing connected directly to a septic system on the land. The septic system consisted of a tank, lines and leach field that processed the waste. I had to quickly learn how the septic system worked to keep it in good shape. I had to pay close attention to the substances I sent down the drains or flushed down the toilet. I did not want to disrupt the colonies of bacteria hard at work processing the waste products. On this site, I would like to help others keep their septic system in good working order by sharing the information I discovered. Please visit again soon.