How To Determine If You Need A New Septic Tank


Homes that use septic systems to manage the wastewater and sewage coming from the house to process the material can sometimes stop working. If the system suddenly stops processing materials, it can be a real problem inside and outside. Working with a residential septic tank repair service to correct the issue is vital, and often it is the best way to determine what is causing the problem. 

Diagnosing Problems

When you start having problems with your septic system, it is often difficult to tell where the issue is. Hiring a septic tank repair service or contractor to inspect the system and determine what is causing it to malfunction is an essential starting point. 

Some things can help the contractor determine the issues, but in some situations, you may need to have the tank pumped out and have a full inspection of the tank and associated plumbing done. Cameras can also be deployed inside pipes and parts of the system to get a good look at where the problems are, without excavating the septic system.

If all these methods fail or there is structural damage to the septic tank, it may become necessary to dig up the tank for a closer inspection and potential replacement. Damage severe enough to require tank replacement is often not new, and the tank or system may have been leaking for a long time when the issue is discovered. 

Making Repairs

A septic tank repair service will often make other septic-related repairs when necessary. The tank is just one part of the system, so replacing a broken pipe running to the tank or dealing with obstructions in the drain field or the valves running in and out of the septic tank may all fall under residential septic tank repair. 

A tank that is backing up may not be damaged, but the outflow line may be restricted, causing the liquid in the tank to leak and seep out of the ground. Backups in your home can also be related to things associated with the septic tank, or the tank itself, so making the correct repair is critical to fixing the problem. 

If you have an old septic system and the tank is damaged, replacing the entire system is often a better option than just installing a new tank. Since the existing tank needs to come out of the ground, the contractor will already have most of the excavation done, and digging up the lines and drain field is often worth the extra expense and time. 

Talk with the residential septic tank repair service about what they found and their recommendations for repairs. They will go over the issues with you and how to best make repairs for your situation. 

COntact a local septic tank repair service to learn more. 


6 January 2023

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

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