4 Benefits Of Getting A Title 5 Septic Inspection


As a homeowner with a septic tank, you are responsible for keeping the tank in good condition and the entire system working correctly. If you are thinking about refinancing or selling your home and you have a septic tank, you will have to pass a Title 5 inspection, which basically lets the lender know that the septic tank is in good working condition.    

You don't have to wait to sell your home to get a Title 5 inspection; you can pay for one from a qualified and certified inspector at any time. A Title 5 inspection can provide you with valuable information and is worth getting regularly.   

Benefit #1: Identify Repairs  

When you get an inspection, they are going to check all the parts of the septic system. They will inspect the drains in your home and run cameras through them to your septic system. They will inspect the holding tank and check out how the leach or drainage field is operating.  

The inspector will identify areas of your system that need repairs right now and may need repairs shortly. This will allow you to bring in a septic system technician or plumber and know exactly what repairs you should be asking for. You will be armed with the information you need to fix your system and get it working as optimally as possible.   

Benefit #2: Status Report  

Second, you will get a status report of how your system is doing. You will leave with an idea of how much gunk is in your tank and how soon you need to pump it out. You will be given an idea of how much longer your system should last with the right and proper care. This will allow you to plan and save so that you are ready to upgrade your system when it comes time. Replacing a septic system can be expensive, so the more knowledge you have, the better off you will be.   

Benefit #3: Assist with Home Selling  

If you want to sell the home, you will need to show that you have passed a Title 5 inspection in the last few years. Being able to show a series of Title 5 inspections that you had done every two to three years is even better; you will be able to show the progress and state of your system over a long period of time, and you will be able to show how you have taken care of and maintained it over the years. A buyer wants to purchase a home with a septic system that is working correctly.   

Benefit #4: Safeguard Against Damage  

Finally, getting a Title 5 inspection is a great way to safeguard against damage. You will know the state of your system and what needs to be repaired, which will allow you to take protective actions to protect the system's overall integrity.  

As a homeowner, getting a Title 5 inspection every few years can be a valuable piece of information that will allow you to make informed decisions about how to take care of your system. It will enable you to keep things flowing safely and smoothly.  

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23 November 2021

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

Hi there, I am Wes Nelson. When I lived in my first home, I discovered the plumbing connected directly to a septic system on the land. The septic system consisted of a tank, lines and leach field that processed the waste. I had to quickly learn how the septic system worked to keep it in good shape. I had to pay close attention to the substances I sent down the drains or flushed down the toilet. I did not want to disrupt the colonies of bacteria hard at work processing the waste products. On this site, I would like to help others keep their septic system in good working order by sharing the information I discovered. Please visit again soon.