What You May Need To Know About Toilets For Your Big Event


Planning a big event takes a lot of people working together. In all the planning, you will not want to overlook planning for bathroom facilities for those coming to the place where your event is happening. It doesn't matter if there are bathrooms already in place if there are not enough for the amount of people attending. It may be required by law for some events to meet a certain criteria for bathroom facilities based on group size. There are a few important things you consider when planning to order chemical toilets for events in your area.

Estimate the Crowd Size for Need

It's important to get an accurate estimate of the amount of people you are expecting to attend your event. The company that provides portable toilets will be able to help you determine what size of portable toilets you need, and they will be able to help you determine how many you need. They can also help you schedule the specific time for all of the toilets to arrive and be setup on the site before the event.  

Chemical Toilets Are a Good Option

Most portable toilets are no longer a smell concern. New chemicals that are used in the toilets completely cover the smell of the waste that builds up in the toilet. Most of the new toilets also come equipped with both a urinal and a regular seat toilet, which helps keep things more sanitary. You can request that hand sanitizer and paper towels are also included in the proper dispensers to help keep things as sanitary as possible. 

Cleaning Services Available

Depending on the crowd size and the length of your event, you can schedule each portable toilet's septic services to occur periodically throughout the day in order to prevent any serious buildup of waste. When a portable toilet is serviced and waste removed, it will cost extra for each service. Additionally, you can request that the interior area is also cleaned. Having the toilets cleaned and the door handles disinfected and cleaned throughout the day will help prevent the spread of germs and help you guests feel comfortable using the facilities.

Using professional septic services that provide portable toilets will ensure your event has what you need to have a good event. It's easy to schedule the exact times for pickup once the event is done, and then you will be billed by how many days you had the toilets at your event. 


8 December 2020

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