3 Ways The Design Of Portable Toilets Keeps Your Events Clean


Portable restrooms are a common sight everywhere from music festivals to construction sites. Although these seemingly simple structures may be ubiquitous in the modern world, their contemporary form is a relatively recent innovation. The humble, cubicle-style plastic unit has a surprisingly significant number of features that help to keep it as efficient and pleasant as possible.

If you think that these unassuming plastic boxes aren't hard at work to keep your event and guests clean, then think again. Below are just three ways that the design of modern portable toilets helps them to play a vital role in health and hygiene.

1. Effective Venting

Portable toilets may have a reputation for being less-than-pleasant places to spend one's time, but even basic units have a practical design for venting foul odors. When used properly, a cubicle-style restroom should not develop significant interior odors. Instead, portable toilets that obtain a distinctive stench likely do so as a result of improper usage.

The typical cubicle unit includes a vent pipe from the storage tank to the top of the cabin. Air naturally travels along the vent pipe's pressure gradient, helping to move odors safely outside. This action relies on keeping the toilet lid closed, however. Friendly signs reminding your guests to close the cover can help you take advantage of this simple odor-fighting design to keep your restrooms fresh.

2. Chemical Deodorization

There's more going on to control odors than simply venting them outside, however. Like the toilets found on many older airplanes, portable restrooms typically use a chemical cocktail to reduce the intensity of odors in the tank. The more work this cocktail does, the less likely it is that the venting system will become overwhelmed.

Modern cocktails typically consist of organic elements to naturally deal with the unpleasant tank sludge. These organic agents work to suppress or kill the bacteria responsible for odors, helping to keep the interior of the cubicle feeling much cleaner. Additional elements often include dye and fragrance to mask the appearance of waste and cover up any remaining smells.

3. Reduced Water Usage

Believe it or not, simple chemical toilets are a shockingly green method of waste disposal. Since basic units do not require water for flushing, your event will generate less waste overall. Your portable toilet rental service can then pump out the holding tanks in each unit, keeping waste from your restroom area contained and out of sight.

Although you might not think much of them, these stalwart cubicles include many thoughtful features to keep your guests happy and your event clean.

For more information, reach out to a local portable toilet service.


19 October 2020

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