Top Reasons to Schedule a High-Pressure Jetting Service


If you own a home with a septic system, you surely know how important it is to keep your pipes clear so waste can flow into the septic tank. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to maintain the pipes in a home, and clogs and blockages can cause major issues. A simple solution to this type of problem is to schedule a high-pressure jetting service. During a high-pressure jetting service, a special hose sprays water at a very high-pressure level through the pipes in your house. Here is a look at some of the top reasons to schedule this service.

1. Ensure That All of Your Pipes Are Clean

Many homeowners only pay attention to their pipes when there is a problem, such as a blockage or slow draining. In this type of situation, only a small area of the plumbing system is addressed, and the main goal is often to just remove the clog. A great thing about high-pressure jetting services is the fact that they don't just remove clogs—they actually clean the entire length of a pipe. Over time, a lot of debris can build up inside your home's pipes, but after a high-pressure jetting service, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your pipes are completely clean on the inside.

2. Avoid Using Chemicals

It is not uncommon for people to turn to a variety of chemicals when their pipes are clogged or blocked. Unfortunately, these chemicals are rarely effective, and some of them can actually damage your plumbing, especially if they are used often. One of the reasons that high-pressure jetting services are so popular is due to the fact that the process does not involve any chemicals at all. You pipes will be cleaned and cleared with fresh, pure water.

3. It's Completely Safe

If you have never scheduled a high-pressure jetting service before, you may have concerns that the process could cause problems for your pipes. In reality, high-pressure jetting is completely safe, as well as incredibly effective. Spraying water at a very high pressure through your home's pipes will not harm them or any other components of your plumbing system or your septic system. When you hire a professional to perform your high-pressure jetting service, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your pipes will be safe and will actually be in better condition than before the service. 


8 October 2020

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

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