Make Sure To Get Your Deposit Back When Renting Portable Restrooms For An Upcoming Event


No matter what type of upcoming event you're renting portable restrooms for, you'll likely be required to provide a security deposit for the equipment in case of damage or theft of some kind occurs. But if you return the portable restrooms in as good of shape as they were delivered to you in, you can expect to receive that deposit back. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your deposit is returned when you return the rented portable restrooms:

Do Your Own Inspections

One important thing you can do to protect your security deposit is complete your own inspections before and after the portable restrooms are used by your event guests. As soon as the rental restrooms are dropped off at your chosen location, check them for any damage that might already be present such as scratches and dents. Any damage that is found should be documented with photos and and an itemized report.

This way, you can prove that you didn't cause any of the damage if the rental company questions it. You should also inspect the restrooms after your event to make sure no damage is present that wasn't there when the restrooms arrived. If you find any damage, you'll have an opportunity to fix it if possible before returning the equipment to your rental company.

Post Some Basic Rules

To minimize the chance that the portable restrooms will be damaged while under your care, it's a good idea to make a list of some basic ground rules for your event guests to follow. Once you've created the list, have it printed on a few big pieces of poster board and post the signs on each of the rental restroom doors.

This will help remind everyone to pay attention to their restroom habits and to be gentle with the equipment while it's being used. Depending on the type of crowd you expect to attend your event, you may want to include rules such as:

  • Only one person in each stall at one time.

  • Take all garbage out to a trash can or dumpster.

  • Wipe the sink down with a paper towel after use.

You should also make sure that guests understand they should let an event staff member know when they notice that soap, toilet paper, or paper towels run out.

Make Monitoring a Priority

Making sure that the portable restrooms you rent are monitored throughout your upcoming event is another effective thing you can do to avoid losing your security deposit. If someone is checking each stall on a regular basis, they can catch small problems early so they can be addressed before they result in significant damage that you end up getting charged for. So ask at least one person on your staff to check the stalls a couple times an hour and to report any found issues to you immediately.

Reach out to a portable toilet rental company to learn more.


23 July 2019

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