Important Tips For Restaurant Grease Trap Care And Maintenance


One of the least pleasant aspects of owning a restaurant is dealing with its commercial grease traps. The grease in the traps isn't the most pleasant smelling substance, and it requires regular removal to prevent expensive plumbing clogs.

To keep your restaurant's grease traps working correctly and your plumbing flowing freely, follow these important tips.

Tip: Dump as Much Waste Grease and Oil in the Trash as Possible

To protect your grease traps and keep them from having to be pumped out too frequently, make it a policy in your restaurant that all waste grease and oil is scraped into trash cans rather than sending it down the drains. Every tablespoon of oil and grease that hits the can is one more tablespoon of material kept out of your grease traps.

Tip: Keep Harsh Chemicals and Drain Cleaners out of Your Grease Traps

Some industrial cleaning solutions and commercial drain cleaners can react with the grease sitting in your grease traps. Since this can lead to a modified grease solution flowing down the plumbing and clogging it, you should avoid pouring drain cleaners or other cleaning products down your restaurant's drains.

Tip: Mandate the Use of Sink Strainers by All Dishwashing Staff

Sink strainers serve the purpose of keeping larger food particles out of your restaurant's drains and grease traps. Since the larger pieces of food will get stuck in the grease and can lead to offensive odors and prematurely filled traps, you should install sink strainers on every sink you have and mandate your dishwashing staff use them at all times.

Tip: Never Install a Garbage Disposal Before the Grease Trap

If your restaurant has a garbage disposal or if you ever plan to install one in the future, then it is vital you install it after the grease trap along the plumbing system. If you grind up food waste and it flows through a grease trap, then the food waste will collect in the trap and prematurely fill it up.

Tip: Have Your Commercial Grease Traps Pumped and Cleaned on a Regular Schedule

Finally, to prevent clogs and damage to your restaurant's plumbing, it is vital you have the grease traps professionally pumped out and cleaned on a regular schedule. Regular pumping removes the bulk of the grease and oils from the trap and keeps them from flowing down the plumbing where they will clog up your sewer connection and lead to expensive repairs. To schedule a grease trap pump, contact a company like Mountain Valley Pumping


21 November 2018

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