Tips for Providing Restroom Facilities for Your Visitors


If you are holding an event there's a way from town and has no public facilities available, you need a way to provide restrooms for your guests. There are several solutions that you may want to look into. From porta potties two bathroom facilities mounted on trailers, deciding which ones you need for your event might come down to cost and availability as well as the need for accessibility buy guest. Another consideration could be what is available in your area.

Discern What You Need

When you start to consider what you need for restroom facilities, it is important to think about the types of guests you will have at your event. A family-oriented event that will draw people with small children could mean that you would want to bring in portable restroom facilities then allowed for easier use for children and provided an area to change diapers and clothing if need be. There's nothing more frustrating for a parent then you need to change a diaper and have no place to be able to do it.

Keep in mind that small children may not do well with standard porta-potties—that's another reason to consider this type of restroom facility. It might be a good idea to bring in several portable restrooms and place them strategically around your event while also providing porta-potties for older people to use.

Create Access to the Event Site

Some situations will not support the portable restroom facility. If the site where your event will be held, is very remote, it may be hard to get a portable restroom into the site. If you're not sure if the company providing the porta-potties and portable restroom will be able to easily access your site, discuss the location of your event with them prior to making a final decision on what facilities you will be renting.

Most companies will have plenty of experience with many different kinds of locations and should be able to determine whether they will be able to put a portable restroom at your event location. Let them make the decision and if necessary visit the site so they can look at access roads, overhanging trees, and other potential obstacles.

Negotiate Pricing

When making a decision about what you will put in place at your event, the cost might be a consideration. If you're working on a tight budget you might not be able to afford more than standard porta-potties. Discuss your options would the company will be renting the porta-potties and facilities from and don't be afraid to ask if there's a volume discount. They might give you a better price per unit if you are renting a large number of porta-potties or portable restroom facilities. While the price is sometimes the determining factor keeping your guests happy can be the difference between a successful event and one that people don't return to next time.

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22 January 2018

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