Increasing Water Bills? Check Your House For Hidden Plumbing Leaks


If your water bills suddenly appear higher than usual, you might have hidden plumbing leaks in your home. Not all plumbing problems are easy to see or locate once they occur. Some leaks can occur deep within your walls and flooring, which can cause a significant amount of damage throughout your house. Here are places that might experience hidden leaks and what you can do to stop them.

Where Do Hidden Plumbing Leaks Occur?

Plumbing pipes travel throughout the home's structure, including in the attic and inside the basement or crawl space. Plumbing pipes can rust or break down from old age or overuse. The fittings on your pipes can loosen up, rust, or fall off. All of these problems can allow water to leak into your home without notice.

Pluming leaks don't have to be large to wreak havoc on your home and utility expenses. Even tiny leaks can cause massive damage in the home over time. Water can seep into the different materials in your home, including plaster and wood. The materials can soak up the water and rot, peel, or break apart.

You can keep your house safe from damage by repairing the leaks in your plumbing.

How Do You Fix Hidden Plumbing Leaks?

To find, repair, or secure the plumbing leaks in your home, you'll need to take drastic action. Although it's possible for you to purchase and use a water leak detector to find the problems in your plumbing, have a plumber do it for you. Many plumbers use special equipment to locate hidden plumbing leaks, including infrared cameras.

Infrared cameras pick up signs of moisture inside the home's wall and floor cavities. Leaks can also affect multiple areas of the home. If a leak caused damage in multiple places, an infrared camera may reveal it. Once a plumber locates the damaged plumbing pipes, they can uncover and repair them.

Plumbing specialists can repair the pipes in several ways, including soldering. Soldering seals small leaks that occur in the joints of pipes. If the pipes have large areas of damage, a plumber my need to replace the pipes altogether. It may be possible to repair sections of the pipes to save time. A plumber will go over the best methods to repair your hidden plumbing leaks before they begin.

If you need assistance to find and repair your hidden plumbing pipe leaks, contact a plumbing repair contractor near you today.


31 December 2017

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