The Essential Facts You Should Know About Septic System Care


If you are one of the millions of households that rely on septic systems for water treatment, care and maintenance is essential to avoid costly problems. You may want to know things like what can and cannot go into a septic system or when your tank needs to be pumped. There is also the issue of cost of maintenance and installation of a new system. Here are some of the facts that you will want to know about your septic system:

1. Knowing What Can Be Put Into A Septic System

What you put into your septic system can cause problems. It is important that you do not flush products down the toilet that are not septic safe, such as baby wipes and personal hygiene products. In addition, harsh chemicals can also have an impact on your septic system because they kill bacteria that break down solids. This is why it is a good idea to limit the use of harsh cleaning products.

2. Regular Pumping As Part Of Septic System Maintenance

Pumping your septic tank is an important part of regular maintenance. This is something that you will want to have done every few years. There may also be other maintenance that needs to be done, such as inspecting different components of the systems like the distribution box. Regular maintenance and inspection of your septic system can help avoid serious problems.

3. The Costs Of Pumping And Other Maintenance Service For Septic Systems

The cost of maintenance of a septic system depends on several factors. There is a flat fee for normal pumping of the tank, but you can expect to pay more for emergency maintenance. If there are solids that need to be removed, you can expect to pay for the extra work involved. You may also pay a little more to have an inspection done and other services.

4. Costs Of Repairs And Installation Of Septic Systems

Repairs of a septic system can be very costly. The problem may be something simple, such as needing to have lines cleaned, which is an affordable service. The more extensive work, like installing a new tank or replacing a drain field, can be costly. If a drain field is clogged, you may want to try services like aeration before having it replaced.

These are some of the essential facts that you want to know about septic systems. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to your septic system, contact a septic service like sewage by Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd to ensure that your waste treatment is working properly.


2 January 2016

Learning About Septic System Care and Usage

Hi there, I am Wes Nelson. When I lived in my first home, I discovered the plumbing connected directly to a septic system on the land. The septic system consisted of a tank, lines and leach field that processed the waste. I had to quickly learn how the septic system worked to keep it in good shape. I had to pay close attention to the substances I sent down the drains or flushed down the toilet. I did not want to disrupt the colonies of bacteria hard at work processing the waste products. On this site, I would like to help others keep their septic system in good working order by sharing the information I discovered. Please visit again soon.